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Project Description
Web based audio/video streaming application and file manager. Allows you to access your music/videos from anywhere using almost any internet enabled device.

Ampache 4 Windows

This project is a "fork" of the popular "Ampache for Linux", (, a great Web application written in PHP to manage your music and audio/video streams throughout the Internet.

The upgrade seems to be working fine so far but it may need some aditional fixes which I have not discovered yet, but so far so good.

It did requiere a few hundreths of changes to make it work on a Windows Server. For program documentation and/or to obtain more information about this fine application, please visit the authors site at:, they are the original developers/creators of this application. I will be upgrading and maintaining the Windows version only.

I am setting up this area to publish this proyect here. If you want the source code, find it on the downloads area. Please check Follow on the main menu so you can be informed of all future releases when available.

The changes I made most likely run on any Linux machine as well, so, I would need to coordinate with the original authors to ask them to realease a multi-platform version in the near future.

The following is the actual snapshoot of this version running on a Windows Server 2008, accessed from a Windows Vista client.



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